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Divination Readings

It has been a long time since I stepped away from reading cards professionally, gosh when I think about it almost 5 years has passed. Recently, over the last few months I have been feeling called back to reading for others once again.

Being a reader was an enriching experience for me. Working intuitively with my cards and connecting with another person in a supportive way felt like a privilege for me and allowed me to express my healing qualities. I worked for a leading psychic reading service and offered telephone tarot readings. I eventually left due to personal circumstances but always missed that level of connection with another person.

I have decided to open up my reading service once again. This time around I will be offering reading with my own oracle deck the Tree Whisper Oracle to begin with. My readings will have a point of focus for self-awareness development and for the rewilding of the self. They will be supportive and encouraging in drawing insight into areas of life that hold potential for deeper authenticity. Being a natural psychic I may also utilise information gained through these abilities when they show up during a reading if they are related to the reading. For further information on my readings please see my services page on my website.

Yours in the heart of the woodlands.

Maggie Black.

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