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Deeper Into the Woods

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Each twist and turn I make upon this well worn wild path, each step takes me deeper into the heart of the woodlands and closer still towards the truest expression of myself in this life. I have been on my rewilding journey for over 5 years now, this path has drawn me willing and wanting to the untamed primal places of my soul. I have lived through the deepest of loss and despair and I have felt my bare bones licked by the biting winds of the spiritual winters. Yet I have found the purest essence of joy in living my everyday life as congruently as I can. Through a beautiful integration of myself with the free elements of nature I am discovering my origins and embracing my whole self.

My name is Mags, I am the little girl in the big woods, I am also the wild woman of the dark forest and the weather worn hag that roams the heather cast hills. I live in the Northern Scottish Highlands with my husband, two beautiful children and my very old dog Toby and I am the creator of the Tree Whisper Oracle. I have always considered myself of that which I recognise as Witch Spirit and naturally I sink into a shamanic way of acknowledging and relating to my inner and outer environments. In the recent four years I have been following a druidic path with OBOD and this training has enhanced and expanded my personal and spiritual abilities. I step into my fourth decade on Earth Day and it is with this ascent into a new personal wilderness, I find myself in reflection of my way of being and how I experience my life. I am faced with my stark incongruences and I must make changes that will create a harmony in the way I live my life, further my growth as a human and encourage my souls evolution. An important recent change for me was to step away from social media and to find for myself a fuller and more wholesome richness in my self expression. A way in which I could live creatively and also stay connected to the many tree people and wild women that I have met along the path, while also allowing myself to depart and retreat back to the deep woodlands of my indigenous soul.

I created this website and blog with two intentions in mind. Firstly that I may finally find a way that would encourage and sustain my creative energy. I do hope to create a visually intriguing and thought provoking presence here that I will nourish with the richness of my endeavours. And secondly that this place will become as enchanted as the woodlands I walk within and offer for the tree people and the wild women a peaceful place to come and rest a while.

I intend to continue my online presence here and I welcome my soul tribe to join me. It is my hope that this blog will grow in creative and interesting content over time. With enriching discussions around my experiential journeys through the Celtic Tree Wheel of the Year, the Tree Whisper Oracle and insights into the curiosities of the woodlands, the wild places and the spirits of the trees. I will also share updates on my creative projects such as the up and coming Tree Whisper Oracle second edition that is in progress and also explore illuminating topics including how I create a relational depth with tree consciousness. I invite you to join me on this rewilding path, walk with me a while longer deeper into the woods and I will tell you many more stories.

Yours in the heart of the woodlands.

Mags Black.

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