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Blog Links: The Wild Wisdom of Celtic Trees

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

Hello Tree Spirit Kin,

We have moved into the Hawthorn Tree Cycle and this brings us full circle from where I began when I started writing about these mysterious ways and rhythms of nature. The Hawthorn Tree Cycle blog post is linked here for your viewing along with all of the other tree cycles in order.

Journeying through my enhanced Celtic Tree Calendar, spiralling in and out of relation with The Council of Trees and living in presence along side the grounded awareness of the current tree cycle is a deeply rich and sensuous experience. May your journey be blessed and filled with lots of earthy, rooty and leafiness.

Yours Always in the heart of the woodlands.



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Has it really been a full annual cycle already?! Thank you for accompanying us along the path of the tree cycle, the council of trees have been enlightening to work with. In my practice they are guides that I gain insight from along side my other guides.

Mar 28, 2023
Replying to

Hi Nick, It's actually been two years my friend. Since I started blogging the cycles. I took some time off during last year. Where does the time go...

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