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The Wild Wisdom of Ivy

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

Previous Tree Cycle: Vine

Tree Cycle: Gort Ivy

Vine Tree Cycle Dates: August 8 - September 4

Key Words For Ivy: Spiral-Dance, Listen, Spiritual Path, Whole-Body, Richness, Slow & Steady, Balance, Joy, Unwind, Entwined, Doorways, Labyrinth, Protection, Camouflage, Erase.

Lunation: 11th

Souls Evolution Stage: Experience

The Council of Trees - Hidden Tree Cycles: Willow & Ash

The Council of Trees - Hidden Tree Cycles Date: February 8 -- March 4

Key Words of The Council of Trees: Willow - Receptive, Feminine, Depth, Awareness, Grounded, Wisdom, Dreams, Values, Spiral, Elders, Well, Nurture, Acceptance. Ash - Dream-Weaving, Manifestation, Potential, Inspiration, Life, Wisdom, Wonderment, Timing, Origin, Messages, Journey.

Spiritual Weather: Self-Judgement, Separation, Low-Energy, Entanglements.

Tree Cycle Ivy

Ivy offers us the waning sunrays of summers end. Crops of wheat glow like golden syrup, ripe for the harvest. Nostalgia is in the air and the tantalising murmurs of autumn grow stronger by the day, providing a treasure hunt for the jewelled leaves of early turning trees. Ivy offers us remembrance. We reminisce, a whole life held within grace. We are invited within Ivy to join in sacred dance. What this means for each of us will be a unique expression of our primal soul. We affectionately watch the winding down of the season with soft eyes. Ivy offers us space to unwind into. We might feel a goodness within ourselves, a wholeness. We are now encouraged to deepen our experience of our spiritual path. Unwinding and disentangling ourselves from any situations that may be causing us to feel insecure or bound. Ivy will cover over and grow around, knitting together cracks and holding in place loosening parts. Ivy hides from view our vulnerabilities, camouflaging our scars. When we feel like crumbling, Ivy will cradle us in a basket, shielding us. There is a gentle protective vibration offered through Ivy, there is room for us to sit in a secret place, nestled while we heal in peace. We listen to our body speak to us, beyond our analytical mind, deeper than our emotions, we discover rubbed ruins in the fog. What are these hidden places within us, what can they teach us? What do these ruins need? This is a time to acknowledge everything we have experienced in our life's journey and honour the wild beauty and uniqueness of our very being. We may be beginning a new adventure, one that brightens our spirit and fills us with a deep honouring of our wild self. We are a rare creatures, each of us and we need our natural habitat to thrive. Where do we come from? The waters, or moors, the forests, the mountains, deserts or caves. Find our source and dance freely upon the land.

Spiritual Weather and The Council of Trees

Influence: Willow

Inspiration: Ash

Spiritual weather during Ivy season can leave us wondering 'what its all about'. If we have had an unfulfilling summer we can feel a sense of time missed, time running out or not being in alignment with the seasons. We may not feel ready for stepping into the spiral dance of Ivy that's invites us deeper into the warren. An darkness lurks close by as the nights begin to move in with . What we are experiencing is the separation of ourselves from our spiritual path and nature. This may not have been our year. With summers end approaching we may feel like we waisted time. We think we have missed the boat. But this is not a true reflection of our bright spirit's journey, of our potential. We can disentangle our feelings, breath deeply, and step into natures flow with an immediate integration. Nature welcomes us and honours our journey. We have come far, and journeyed wide.

Willow partially engages us in the first two weeks of the Ivy season. Willow bridges the transition from Vine into Ivy. Having journeyed with us during Vine season, inspiring us to identify our needs, Willow is now more potent in her medicine. Willow is firmer in her support of our spiritual path. We feel her presence influencing us. Amplifying our own soul-call. Advising us to listen now and to interact with our spirit, on a level that feels good for us. Branching out into our sacred core, our spiritual home and establishing fresh roots. Willow reminds us that her vast root system climbs through the earth. Entwining earth and stone, reaching great depths within the unseen world and traveling farther than her physical presence above ground would suggest, an intentional illusion to protect her wild magics. Willow reminds us that our own roots are preserved, held within the earth and run deeper than we can ever imagine. No matter what ware or tare we find our branches succumb to, we have an unbroken connection to an infinite source of glowing green life force energy that we can drink from at any time and feel replenished. We have stored deep within us, our wild magics. Willow offers us that there is always enough time to drink from the well. We have all the time we could ever need and everything we experience has something to teach us.

Ash partially engages us during the final two weeks of the Ivy season. Ash is the fertilizer of our hopes and dreams. A rich soil of humus, packed full of nutrients and minerals. Ash opens the gates between the inner worlds. Ensuring the safe passage of rare pearls of our potential, to journey to us unhindered by triggered conditions of self-worth or negative self-talk. These pearls, eggs or orbs rise up from our subconscious breaking through the barrier. This rupture may be felt by us, we may feel a sudden overwhelm of feeling, a need to release our pain cry. The pearls travel into our conscious mind and are seen by us. We can honour their turbulent journey to reach us. We will experience moments of insight now and see things with crystal clarity. Ash is the an all-knowing oracle. Our next steps within Ivy's labyrinth will become known to us and we will realise what we must do for our highest good. We will feel a sense of kinship with the whole earth and know our important role within the network of all life in the universe. Our soul tribe will feel close by, unbound by time and space. Ash supports Ivy's unique ability to offer us the path of freedom by encouraging us to be emotionally engaged and open to a whole-body experience. Ash breaths life and vitality into our daily endeavours. Whether we journey within the inner labyrinth or without in the wild elements, we are entering a time of doorways and gateways from which we can move through freely. We may be offered a journey to take, that will lead us into the winter and carry us into the light of spring.

A Blessing For Ivy

Explorers, wanderers and dream-weavers.

The wise, the mad, the true believers.

A pilgrimage to the gates of the otherworld they make.

Standing before the labyrinth's doorway,

Knowing the journey they will take.

Gateways opens upon hearing Ivy's call.

Rousing the forgotten lost gardens of the soul.

Explorers, wanderers and dream-weavers,

Sleep-walkers and truth seekers.

All come together, in Ivy's honour.

Dancing in the secret woodland in this mystic hour.

Offering To The Council

If the Council has supported you during Ivy's cycle you may like to make an offering to show your gratitude. You may like to find your own way to express your gift or try my suggestion. Ash supports our evolution. Ash is our guide and guardian of our subconscious landscape opening space for our most brilliant ideas to break through, for our creative potential to be fertilised. Ash delivers messages from our spirit. I think of these messages as letters in a bottle, becoming dislodged and shooting up through the oceans depths to the surface. Where we can find them and discover their magic. In honouring of Ash's devotion to our evolution, a special sharing of our sentiment might be to send Ash a message. A written letter to all the Ash trees of the worlds would be a beautiful gift. Maybe you could tell Ash of how they have supported you, or share a story of a dream you fulfilled. You can take your letter to the ocean or a river and release in into the water, or carefully set it alight with fire and let the ashes flurry into the deep. If you are not close to natural water way you can use a bowl of water, a fire pit, censor, or caldron to safely burn your letter. Or you may wish to keep your letter if that feels right, allowing it to be carried in your dreams to Ash.

Next Tree Cycle: Reed & Blackthorn

Yours in the heart of the woodlands.

Mags Black.

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