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The Wild Wisdom of Ash

Tree Cycle: Ash
Ogham: Nuin
Ash Tree Cycle Dates: February 21 - March 20
Key Words For Ash: Dream-Weaving, Manifestation, Potential, Inspiration, Life, Wisdom, Wonderment, Timing, Origin, Messages, Journey, Friendship.
Lunation: 5th
Souls Evolution Stage: Ovum
The Council of Trees - Hidden Tree Cycles: Ivy - Reed & Blackthorn
The Council of Trees - Hidden Tree Cycles Date: August 21 - September 20
Key Words of the Council of Trees:
Ivy - Spiral-Dance, Listen, Spiritual Path, Whole-Body, Nourishment, Richness, Slow & Steady, Balance, Joy, Unwind, Entwined, Doorways, Labyrinth, Protection, Camouflage, Erase.
Reed - Action, Direct, Plough Ahead, Determination, Skill, Final Push, Obstacles, Surrender, Hollow, Conduit, Alchemy.
Blackthorn - Obstacles, Solutions, Defence, Inner Compass, The Journey, Dark Forest, Preparation, Magic, Sacred Practice of Waiting.
Spiritual Weather: Self-doubt, self-sabotage, Negative-self talk, Fears, Impotence.
Celebration: Spring Equinox
Reflected Celebration: Autumn Equinox
Animal Guide: Dragonfly

Ash Tree Cycle

During the Ash tree cycle we are filled full of inspiration for our own life's potential. Our journey will have many chapters and we will face many challenges along the way. When we consider our own potential, not linked to being a parent, or a partner, a family member or friend, or any of the roles that may inform how we see ourselves and our purpose in life. But consider our very own potential, belonging to and embodied within us, what do we see? What have we always or even newly considered possible for us in this life? We may have career aspirations or want to fulfil our aptitude for education. We may want to start that little business or start a family. We may want to set down roots or travel. We may not have great expectations for ourselves, and simply want for that cosy fireside chair watching the stormy weather outside our window.

During the Ash tree cycle we will be reminded of what we truly want and need in our life and we will be inspired to begin to manifest our dreams. Picture tiny precious pearls of wisdom, floating up through the deep mysterious subconscious, trying to reach the surface to be realised by the conscious mind. Each pearl containing our most precious potential for a good and fulfilled life. Each pearl, the formula for joy and rich experiences. Ash season is especially mysterious and mystical. Our magic passes through surface, through membrane, through liminal space. Timing is important during Ash season. Everything in it's right time. When opportunities become present, it is the right time for them to be realised.

The Ash cycle supports us in pursuing our ambitions and fulfilling our potential. We may be doing only a fraction of what we are capable of right now. Often when we are not fulfilling our potential in areas of our life, this can manifest as obstacles in other areas of our lives. Alternatively, we may be putting all of our energy into one area or our life and neglecting other areas that we can be filling out with richness. The Ash cycle is an energy charged cycle for manifestation of our greatest ideas. If we ever wanted to get back into something or start something we have always dreamed of, now is the time to realise this dream and begin to physically manifest it into our lives. Life has opportunities waiting for us. These opportunities first belong as deep secrets within our being, waiting for the right moment to be seen by us. The reason they are so deep, is that they are our most treasured possession. They are delicate and vulnerable and sometimes need us to gently hold them. Once we have them in the palm of our hands they toughen, grow stronger and more viable. Our dreams become more robust. Ready to fully manifest. We must have the courage to take our first steps towards a more fulfilled life.

Spiritual Weather & The Council of Trees

Spiritual weather during Ash season is all about magical impotence and the fear of not having what it takes to create. Magical impotence if left unchanged will reform into physical impotence in areas of our lives. We may think that our idea is not good enough, that it will never succeed. Or that we do not have what it takes to follow through with it. We may build up a negative thought stream in our mind and effectively self sabotage our own potential. It would do us good during Ash season to ban these thoughts as soon as we notice them. It is important to be aware of our negative self talk, even keep a journal so we can see the pattern of our negative thinking. But we need to really, set these unhelpful thoughts aside. And for once believe whole heartedly in our own capacity for change and capability to manifest the great potential we hold within ourselves. Begin to take small steps in the right direction. We could even keep a journal of something we do each day towards our goal, so we can see the progress we are making. Include positive self talk in this journal, possitive feeling and thoughts too.

Influence - Ivy

Ivy supports us in the first two weeks of Ash season. Ivy influences us as we consider what is possible for us right now by opening doorways for us. Often we can be hesitant to take a leap of faith, to take a risk and put ourselves out there. Sometimes we need to get a little closer to a possible change and outcome, let it feel more real in our presence, so we can begin to see that this is a real possibility for us. Ivy presents doorways where we can stand on the threshold before stepping through. Often doors need to close on a part of our story for us to step through a new doorway. And this can be scary and we may feel nervous. So by taking a closer step, maybe taking a step over with one foot, we can feel the reality of this new idea. But eventually we will have to step over completely and give this new part of our life our full commitment.

Inspiration - Reed & Blackthorn

Reed & Blackthorn accompany us through the second half of Ash season. Both Reed and Blackthorn offer many tools for taking action and manifesting outcomes. But together they are especially inspirational in guiding us to trust in our inner compass. And in encouraging us in using our skills to make that final push through the doorway. They push us to manifest our dreams into reality. Reed and Blackthorn are amazing companions when we realise our potential. When we believe we have something to offer or something to gain, these trees have an abundance of strength and wisdom that we can depend on to fully commit and be determined to achieve our goal. They show us that for us to achieve the beginning of an amazing adventure we have only to take one step at a time. And before we know it we are well on our way along the journey on the other side of that door. As a Council and as part of our team they are like motivational coaches. They are aware of our complexities and of the Ash Tree Cycles opportunity for change. They want us to seize the opportunity to fulfil what we are capable of.

A Blessing For Ash

Precious are memories, those by gone days.
We hold them to us, they begin to fade.
The long road, we have walked it alone,
Older we have grown, our spirit blazes on.
At the end of the road, we emerge from the fog,
And by the mossy wall, we find another old soul.
Wise old Ash, you rest still and never alone,
To White Cow, Old Rook and Oak you are known.
And to me, on my long journey home,
I sit on mossy wall and rest my old bones.
There is one thing I know in my heart to be true,
That leafy friend, who meets me at the end, to be you.

An Offering to the Council

Ivy, Reed and Blackthorn are motivational, proactive inspirational coaches. Balancing the physical with the mystical. Together they are the physical manifestations of active magic. All three embody many aspects of magic in how it looks each day, as we manifest it, work it, mould it, in accordance with our intentions. We, or someone else in our life at this time will be trying to manifest, trying to reach a potential of being. There may be doors that need closed and doors that need opened. This is a time for acknowledging the magic at work in manifesting, while also focusing of physical actions day to day that bring us inline with our soul path, closer to realising our dreams. A great way to honour the Council will be to make a plan of action, either for our self or support another to realise their potential. This other, may be a friend, a co-worker, a child, a parent or a partner. This is the season for supporting growth in ourselves and others. How can we do this? By making a plan of action, by supporting someone in realising their strength, by being brave and taking that first step ourselves. Bringing the best out of ourselves and others is a good focus for Ash season. Pearls of potential will feel those ripples and be spurred on to surface.

Next Tree Cycle: Hawthorn

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priscilla young
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Rachel Richardson
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