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The Wild Wisdom of Hazel & Apple

Previous Tree Cycle: Holly

Tree Cycle: Coll Hazel & Quert Apple Hazel & Apple Tree Cycle Dates: June 13 – July 10 Key Words For Hazel & Apple: Hazel - Litter Picking, Inner and Outer Landscape, Stewardship, Wisdom, Deep Forest, Divination, Mystic, Life Force, Insight, Signs, Knowledge. Apple - Magic, Balance, Mysteries, Protection, Duty, Responsibility, Abundance, Thrive, Community, Prosperity, Seer, Devotion, Recycling. Lunation: 9th Souls Evolution Stage: Knowledge The Council of Trees - Hidden Tree Cycles: LUIS Rowen & Fearn Alder The Council of Trees - Hidden Tree Cycles Date: December 13– January 10 Key Words of The Council of Trees: Rowen - Synchronicity, Spirit, Home & Hearth, Listen, Depth, Observation, Journey, Challenge, Clarity, Protection, Inner Realm, Fae. Alder - Signs, Elemental Synchronisation, Prophecy, Shapeshifting, Challenge, Discord, Sinking, Truth, Exposure, Tree Cycle Hazel & Apple

Hazel season offers us an opportunity for internal litter picking. We know that we need to clean and clear out that which we no longer need. We can create a sense of space and calm when we finally release old ideas and behaviours that we have outgrown. We have gained new knowledge and deepened our unique wisdom and we know we can embark on a new path, cleared of the debris of our outworn ideas. We know that certain embodied experiences have influenced us in our life and we are ready and willing to let go. Decluttering the inner landscape allows our true and wilder self to emerge and be fully felt once again and seen by others. We experience our life in a new way, feeling freer to be creative and we feel more sure of who we are and what we are becoming. Hazel is a mystical tree. A tree that supports us in our magical journeys through everyday life. Hazel poles offer us material to express our magical nature and remind us of our power to regenerate and manifest our intentions. Hazel also asks us to look around ourselves and ask ourselves what can we do to physically connect with nature and the unseen natural mystical life force of nature that moves around us. We might also be called to create new magical tools for ourselves using natural materials. We open up to the pure magical essence of our spirit and know that we are a part of the allness of life and energy.

Apple season is a deeply magical time for aligning with the wild elements in nature. This is a time for sinking deeply into elemental synchronisation in a present mindful way. Acknowledging that we too have been saturated with sun light, earth and ash, the wind rain and oceans and the winds. We have absorbed within us all of the elemental energies of the land that we live on and we are completely integrated and connected to the life force of the planet. During this time we are offered opportunities to recycle into the earth parts of our ways of being that we realise we must let go of. Just as the trees shed leaf and bark to regenerate and cleanse we too shed layers to be transmuted by nature. If we cut an apple down the middle into a half, through the core, and look inside we will see the pentacle star. A symbol of connection with all life and a promise of abundance to come. A message for us that we are creative and can manifest our hopes and dreams. Apple supports us through our everyday endeavours and responsibilities offering us strength and rootedness to our everyday busy waking life. A thread of connectivity within our wider community becomes more apparent during this cycle. And we know that we can experience abundance and enjoy the richness of life. The senses are heightened and we want to taste, smell, touch and marvel in the sensuous beauty of living. Our thoughts are powerful and we can set our intentions for our prosperous tomorrows.

Spiritual Weather and The Council of Trees

Influence: Rowen

Inspiration: Alder

Spiritual weather during Hazel and Apple season can feel intense at times, when magical winds blow in and encourage us to open up and align with nature and our wild self we can feel inner resistance rubbing against us with a pushing and pulling sensation. Conflict and discord are highlighted as we face our incongruences. Areas in our life, physical and spiritual that have become cluttered and stagnant become seen. We are acutely aware of blocks and barriers we have to communication and connection and this can feel uncomfortable and find ourselves in a state of stress. This is where the hidden trees within our Tree Council can support us in a powerful shift of perspective.

Rowen influence us in the initial two weeks of Hazel and Apple season through the power of challenge and change within our inner realm. Carl Rogers offered that when change occurs, there is a dissolving of conditions of self-worth and that during this process we begin to feel freer to experience our life in a creative way. Rowen supports us through highlighting the areas that we need to change through creative a safe space for us to view our barriers and blocks. While also showing us that we can validate our own experiences and acknowledge our journey through our unique and beautiful sovereignty. We receive synchronicities that speak to us in a way that we understand, messages that hold meaning for us specifically, and remind us that we are supported by the spirits of nature on our evolutionary path.

During the second half of Hazel and Apple season we experience Alder as our wise council and inspiration. Alder speaks to us of becoming in synch with the elements that we absorb into ourselves with every breath we take. Alder amplifies Apple power of rewinding ourselves. We feel stronger within these weeks having taken steps to recycle that which we no longer need, and through identifying what it is that we need for our core support. Alder regards our countenance and offers us the truth of how we present ourselves. Alder inspires us to evolve into the wild and free being that we truly are. We continue to receive signs and messages from spirit especially from animal spirit guides. Alder supports us in shapeshifting and transformation. We might experience assimilation with our spirit allies, joining with them through shamanic journeying. We can experience spontaneous insights from our guides in our wakeful life through daydreaming and we may find ourselves wondering about our growing magical abilities. With new spiritual experiences we may feel exposed and bare, we will be experiencing new psychic abilities emerging for the first time. This new evolution of our intuition aims to harmonise the discord we are experiencing by bringing us closer to our truer and wilder self.

A Tree Blessing for Hazel and Apple

Mystic sisters stand by my side.

Golden poles bare and rosy blossoms fair.

Winters kiss with sweet summer bliss.

Hazel copse glow above melting snow.

Bumbles fuzzy and soft dance in Apples loft.

Mystic sisters stand by my side.

I offer my embrace.

The spiral dance we weave.

Here and now, magic in this sacred place.

Offering to the Council

Rowen and Alder are supporting us through our evolution, encouraging us to open out to the magical forces of the elements and nature. Encouraging us to step into our naked wild selves. We might feel inclined to make an offering to the council to show our gratitude and strengthen the bond between ourselves and nature. As always I would encourage you to find a personal way that expresses your own unique relationship with the trees. Although I will offer a suggestion. It would be beneficial for nature if we can offer our natural community our service. We can go into a local park or woodland and help to tidy and clear our litter that has gathered. Picking up wrappers and plastics (safely) would reduce stress on nature and support trees and plants to thrive.

Next tree cycle: Muin Vine

Yours in the heart of the woodlands.

Mags Black.

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This was wonderful Mags, and so pertinent to my own journey through this cycle. It would so helpful if you posted these at the beginning of the cycle, rather than the end, to help deepen the experience. 😁😍 Love & blessings Mel x

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YAY! Mags, that is wonderful! Glad we've had a mutual boost lol! So looking forward to reading tomorrow, thank you beauty xxx

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