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Rowen Tree Cycle | November 29 - December 26

Updated: Jan 31

Wanderer, Weaver, Guide & Spirit Keeper of Rowen

Tree Cycle: Rowen

Ogham: Luis

Rowen Tree Cycle Dates: November 29th – December 26th

Key Words For Rowen: Spirit, Attunment, Synchronicity, Hearth & Home, Comfort, Experience, Observation, Journey, Clarity, Charms, Protection, Boundaries, Fae, Magic.

Lunation: 2nd

Souls Evolution Stage:

The Council of Trees - Hidden Tree Cycles: Holly & Hazel/Apple

The Council of Trees - Hidden Tree Cycles Date: May 29st - June 26th

Key Words of the Council of Trees:

Holly – Protection, Security, Grip, Mountain, Healing, Hope, Strength, Loyalty, Commitment, Reason, Resilience, Discernment, Regeneration, Action, Focus, Purpose, Observation, Trust, Abandonment, Challenge.

Hazel - Litter Picking, Inner & Outer Landscape, Stewardship, Wisdom, Shadows, Divination, Mystic, Insight, Signs, Knowledge, Tools, Conduit.

Apple - Magic, Balance, Mysteries, Protection, Duty, Responsibility, Abundance, Thrive, Community, Prosperity, Seer, Devotion, Recycling, Humus.

Spiritual Weather: Disconnection, Disharmony, Homelessness, Unawareness.

Celebration: Winter Solstice

Reflected Celebration: Summer Solstice

Animal Guide: Owl


Wanderer of Rowen

week 1


Passage Through 'The Bumpy Way'

The Wanderer of the Rowen Tribe meets us as we step onto the path of the Rowen Tree Cycle and informs us that we may be experiencing some bumps along the way of our path. And that these bumps can make us feel like the path we are on has become a little discombobulated. The Wanderer of Rowen assures us that bumps are a neccessary part of the jounrey. No sacred thing can be discovered along a straight and narrow path. We are reminded that The Fae are known for imploying challenges, illusions and misconceptions to any and all that seek to find their True Names, those names of their communities, peoples and places. The Wanderer of Rowen asks us to understand that the pathways to our own spirit's communities, peoples and places have these bumps along the way, not as a hinderance but as an opportunity, to encourage us to search out the true name of that which we seek. If we feel confused or unsettled and have lost our way within an aspect of our journey. We need only to take a moment to turn inwards and speak to these bumps, accept them for what they are, see their form, feel their shape, and let their aliveness reform our path a little. And the true names will become known to us once again.

The Wanderer of Rowen's seat is in the East, the dwelling of the Spirits of Air. Rowen knows the howling Wind Spirit, and the deafening crashes and cracks of the gales ast hey break against stone and sea, against the tree and warm bodies. Rowens are comfortable high on craggy cliffs, they know the true name of the wind, and thus, the wind welcomes Rowen as a companion. The water lashes the sky and the salt sprays down, but Rowen is unphased and the wind passes Rowen by. The Wander of Rowen reveals to us that to know how to thrive is to adapt to our environment, through an attunement of the elements present there. The elements present in our environment can present themselves in any shape or form. These elements can be anything and anyone that we are reaching to have contact with or trying to share space with. They can be aspects of our spiritual paths, roles that we fulfil in life, the environments within our dwelling spaces, or a watery, earthy, fiery or airy person that we cant quite seem to harmonise with, no matter how hard we try. The Wanderer of Rowen shares with us, that we can be like Wind Spirit, crashing against and breaking apart elements of an environment, or we can be like the Rowen, with our roots wedged deep in the cracks and crevasse, practicing attunment with our environment.

As Rowen Wanderers we are inspired to embrace our journey at this stage of it's evolution. There is a richness in experience, along this passage. We may have been caught a little in the deafness of noise, we may have felt bamboozled and some how ended up down a road we really didn't want to go down. No problem. Just turn those hoofs around and get back onto that bumpy path. A Wanderer's spirit is fierce and free, that's not to say we don't get tired, or feel like 'arrrrgh... this again'. But who's to say that the this again will be the same as last time. This again's are rarely a replica of the previous experience, they can be like recalled memories, they change a little each time we experience them.

Journal prompt or something to contemplate:

The deafness of noise. In what elements of our lives, or parts of our being are we experiencing amplified noise? What bumps are causing us not to hear, not to listen, and become confused? Are we missing opportunity's for attunment? Is there a way that we can embrace those bumps, accepting them as part of a rite of passage in the now, and keep them company a while? The path may be uneven, and we may need to take extra care in walking it. But... we can walk it.


Weaver of Rowen

week 2


Passage Through Illusion

The Weaver of the Rowen Tribe joins with us as we continue on our path and speaks to us of unseen things that are there, and things seen that are not there. The Weaver of Rowen usually receives confused expressions at this point. This Weaver draws our attention to those subtle irridescent sparkles of magic that we draw to our being from the spiritual atmosphere. These sparkles seem like reflective light particles, they may appear transparent, but they are more like little mirrors. They block our view from what is behind them, and instead, present to us ourselves reflected back. What happens in these little moments is that our perception of reality becomes an illusion. We begin to unconciously, or even conciously predict what we think is infront of us, and how things will unfold based on that assumption. This phenomonon can be noticed in how we meet challenges in our life, for instance we might apply for a job, but see only our own worries of us not being good enough relected back. Another example could be when relating to a family member or friend, and they offer their kindness, yet we see something else being presented to us, like manipulation. This can also pose a problem for us on our spiritual journey, for instance if we feel lost, and we look to our inner landscape and it appears dystopian, derelict with abandoned dwellings, yet if we could see beyond the mirrors, we would see that we are right here and now, rooted in our spiritual home, we just cant notice it so clearly right now. The Weaver of Rowen asks us to visualise these reflective sparkles and imagine ourselves swiping them away. This will allow us to see the real thing beyond them.

The Weaver of Rowen's seat is in the South, the dwelling of the Spirits of Fire. The Weaver of Rowen reminds us that we are magical beings and therefore we can move in magical ways where ever and when ever we want to. The Weaver of Rowen is especially cunning and wise in the ways of enchantment and keeps company with the people of The Fae communities. While we keep company with the Weaver of Rowen, we to are are open to certain knowings and cunning ways. We are encouraged during this time to dance with these magics and allow our own mysterious ways to be felt and heard. Do we sense a calling to our candles, have they become cold over time. Have we felt a pull back to our divination companions, our cards, crystals, oghams or pendulums and so on? Has it been a while since we dressed ourselves up in our cloaks and robes and adorned ourselves with our faery crowns? When was the last time we sang or danced with our ancestors, or with Deer or Hawk or Fox? The Weaver of Rowen reminds us finally that we are always connected to our spiritual home, our community, our spirit tribe, even when we feel adrift, and to be in their company is to be bold, wild and free.

As Rowen Weavers we are aware of the presence of natures wyrd idiosyncrasies. We are with, within and beheld by the fates of the rhythms of nature as we approach the darkest night. We feel the cold breath of Wind whisper to us, we listen to the yawning song of the last leaves of autumn, we hear the dulcet whispers of the trees as they gently creak and crack in the wet cool air. Something about this time calls us to the wild places. Whether we visit them in person or observe them from a window, cosy in our home, or read them in our favourite winter fiction, we will feel our body, mind and spirit responding to the primal ways of our origins. As Rowen Weavers we feel a swelling of emotion as the Sun's Spirit dims, giving way to Moon and Star Spirits. Embellishing our home with adornments and musky spices will enliven our senses and enhance our living spaces in magical ways, strengthening the bridge between the magic without and the magic within.

Journal prompt or something to contemplate:

If we had one whole day to ourselves, a day when no-one needed us, a day where from dawn until dusk we could do all of the things we know would nourish us and bring us comfort and joy. A day of being fully present with ourselves. What would we do? How would we choose to wake, to eat, what little pleasures would we allow ourselves time for? It may look like a long lie in bed, then a pyjama day, or getting dressed and going to a café for a peaceful cup of coffee, sitting and observing the hustle and bustle of others as they go about their lives, or throwing on the walking boots and grabbing the backpack for a good long walk in nature. We may not be able to achieve a whole day like this, but we can give ourselves the gift of some time, for some of these lovely things.


Guide of Rowen

week 3


Passage of Little Tree

As we continue through the Rowen Tree Cycle we encounter the Guide of the Rowen Tribe. The Guide of the Rowen Tribe reminds us of natures ability to find a way. In an old woodland there once lived Little Tree (okay, the little tree is still there in Evanton Woodland). Little Tree discovered that they had sprouted in a challenging space, they had rooted too close to Big Old Tree, they had sprouted no more than a few feet away from a gigantic, colossal trunk. Little Tree grew and grew and soon became much taller, Little Tree had reached the underside of a low, heavy old branch. Little Tree thought for a long while, what to do, and contemplated going around the heavy old branch. Little Tree, grew closer and closer and was about to make a change in the direction when Big Old Tree opened a space in their branch and allowed passage through for Little Tree. Little Tree was so grateful for this kindness and grew straight up through the heavy old branch. Little Tree was full of joy and grew big and strong towards the sky. The Guide of the Rowen Tribe asks us to consider the sacrifice Big Old Tree made and why? And why Little Tree went through instead of around? And to look to our own connections with others for similar relationships. What can Little Tree teach us about them?

The Guide of Rowen's seat is in the West, the dwelling of the Spirits of Water. The Guide of Rowen speaks to us of adapting to change, but asks us to notice the moment before we adapt to change and acknowledge the reason we have for adapting. Is it a need or a desire that motivates us? Are we adapting to make things better for ourselves, or for the betterment of others. Or is there a bigger picture that will benefit from this action? We all have our boundaries, our principles, our integrity, our pride even. The Guide of Rowen shares with us that allowing change to grow through us, can benefit us in ways, benefit others or benefit the wider situation.

As Rowen Guides we become more clearly acquainted with our symbiotic relationships. Close bonds that we have developed with others, that for all intents and purposes have grown tangled, even matter in ways that are unexplainable on a physical level are amplified during this season. Bonds that are spiritually and intimately intertwined in complexed ways and would certainly create a level of personal demise for either individual if separated. As Rowen Guides we must remember to maintain a healthy personal space between ourselves and others. Protecting and nurturing our own sovereignty and at times defending our boundaries. There may be a complex web of fibrous connective tissue, between us and others, attaching us to them, but we are still separate entities, and at times, very different beings.

Journal prompt or something to contemplate:

We may find ourselves planted in places that don't seem to fit our shape and size. Places that appear not to have the capacity to accommodate our greatest ambitions or dreams. Should it then follow, that we will not achieve our potential, that our destiny is pre-determined by our beginnings or circumstances. Consider that where we are planted, is the most important part of our origin story. Lets us consider that our unlikely start or where we have ended up, will lead to an unexpected, yet amazing journey.


Spirit Keeper of Rowen

week 4


Passage Through The Past

At the end of the path The Spirit Keeper of Rowen awaits our approach, bathed in a shaft of glittering sunlight, through dappled shade (think of the trees in The Labyrinth film). The Spirit Keeper of Rowen speaks to us of the russet colours and melancholia tones of late autumn. Of the magic and beauty of the changing landscape, and of magical, yet brief moments of sheer brilliance. Colours are rich and raw, mist rises and falls and the Cailleach's breath, flows through the bens and the glens, a thick white fog smothering the land. There is a presence of agony deep within us, baring witness to autumns wilding ways and cunning charms as they diffuse into winter's void. The Spirit Keeper of Rowen speaks to our soul of folk magics, intuitively known, inherited from our ancestors and now stirring from sleep. The Spirit Keeper of Rowen encourages us to hear the whispers of what lies beneath, held within our mysterious and secretive felt-sensing places. Not all is learned from books, not all is passed on from teachers, some things are already here, buried deep within us, awakening along the way of our path. Have we recently felt a sense, deep within, a calling unto a practice that we can not recall ever learning outside of ourselves in this life. Now is the time to embrace what has so delicately made itself known to us, and practice our cunning ways once more.

The Spirit Keeper of Rowen's seat is in the North, the dwelling of the Spirits of Earth. The Spirit Keeper of Rowen shares with us the stories of the great Caledonian forests. In Scotland they say that a squirrel could climb up a tree on the West Coast and not touch ground until they reached the East Coast. The Spirit Keeper of Rowen asks us where our roots lie. Do our roots run deep on the land that we live, or are we displaced? Some of us will live on the land of our ancestors, and feel a connection that spans through time, yet some of us will live across waters, on foreign shores far from the isles of our native lands. The Spirit Keeper of Rowen reminds us that we are all wanderers, we all came from somewhere different at some point and made this new place our home. The only difference is, that some of us arrived a long time ago and some of us are only just getting here. The Spirit Keeper of Rowen encourages us to feel connected to our ancestors, and to the land on which we live. And to honour the crossings that we have made and the distances we have travelled a millennia to get here. To feel value in our presence of being and to call this place that we are root home. Remember, we all travelled from some where else at some point to get here.

As Rowen Spirit Keepers we are awakening to our ancestral ways. The presence of Rowen in our life is magical and enchanting and beckons us to decorate our being and embellish our dwellings with charms, incantations and chimes. As Rowen Spirit Keepers we can connect more closely with our ancestral memory, through our felt senses that know the wilder past of our ways and how we came to be. We will have our own visions of remembrance of what we feel in our bones, of times long since past, and of our place and presence there. We can also go down rabbit holes and dig deeper with our research of where we came from. We can share these stories with loved ones on cosy nights around the fire with cups of hot chocolate or snuggled under a blanket. The Spirit Keeper of Rowen wants to remind us that we all come from old ways.

Journal Prompts or things to contemplate:

How are we feeling right now? Connected, disconnected? The Rowen Tree Cycle can be powerful and intense, but there is beauty here too. If we have become uprooted in some way, we can replant ourselves. We can take a step back from all of the flighty distractions around us, and be still for a moment. How does it make us feel thinking about the wider journey of our life, how we came to be, where and who we came from and where we are going? Can we see ourselves as a part of something incredible and epic.



Please Read

Wanderer, Weaver Guide and Spirit Keeper are storytellers and are laid out into four weeks of guidance through each tree cycle. These four sections while acting as weekly guidance, can also be experienced in any order. These weeks 1-4 are meant as a guideline only. We must trust in how the energies of the Rowen Tree Cycle manifest for each of us individually along the path of the tree cycle.


In my writing i explore words like illusion and discuss ideas around unseen things, or things seen but not there, and relating to perception of reality. This is in no way representative of, or relating to in any way shape or form, mental health disorders. These are ways of storytelling and metaphors, widely understood in spiritual communities to describe aspects of spiritual paths.

  • For further reading on the Rowen tree cycle, please see blog post The Wild Wisdom of Rowen which focuses on Rowen and the Council of Trees.

Earthy Rooty and Leafy Blessings.


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Nov 28, 2023

Hi Sandra, I am so glad that this post resonated with you, especially because you have a deep connection with the 'Rowan' tree. Thank you for leaving me this comment.

The way i spell Rowen.. ah, I'm not sure why I spelt it with an 'e' to be honest. I never noticed it wasn't spelt that way. I am curious myself now. But I think it's interesting that you raised it within a piece of writing that opens up consciousness on 'the true name' of things. Hmm, rich and sensuous curiosity caresses me.

Bright blessings earthy soul. x


Nov 28, 2023

I have a very close connection to Rowan and I deeply enjoyed this post. Thank you ❤️

Curious to know the background for your way of spelling Rowan with an e. I have never seen that way of spelling it before. ❤️

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