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Elder Tree Cycle | October 3rd - 30th

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Wanderer, Weaver, Guide & Spirit Keeper of Elder

Tree Cycle: Ruis Elder, Koad The Grove and Ioho Yew

Elder Tree Cycle Dates: October 3 - October 30.

The Grove, Yew: October 31st

Key Words For Elder, The Grove & Yew: Elder - Death, Rebirth, Souls Journey, Past Life Resurgence, Ancestors, Together, Return, Relationship, Felt Sense, Tentative, Veil.

The Grove - The Void, Between, Ancestors, Animal Guides, Healing, Life Force, Teaching, Source, Tree Consciousness, Internal Bodily Awareness, Grounding, Sacred Space. Yew - Eternal, Peace, Contemplation, Healing, Decay, Guardian, Sacred Rites Paradoxical, (Together Yet Not)

Lunation: 13th

Souls Evolution Stage: Death

The Council of Trees - Hidden Tree Cycles: Hawthorn & Oak

The Council of Trees - Hidden Tree Cycles Date: April 3 - April 29

Key Words of The Council of Trees: Hawthorn & Oak

Hawthorn - Scared Union, Conception, Waiting, Early Stages, Undisclosed Treasure, Wonder, Masculine & Feminine Energy, Protection, Nurture, Be Beside Self, Sacred.

Oak - Long Term Goals, Growth, Fixed, Rooted, Strength, Protection, Keeper of Memories, Nostalgia, Optimism, Development, Plans, Beauty.

Spiritual Weather: Dark Night of the Soul, Melancholy, The Past, Overwhelm, Over Protective, Mergence, Detachment.

Celebration: Samhain 31st October Northern Hemisphere.


Elder Tree Cycle

October 3rd - October 31st

Wanderer of Elder

week 1


Passage Through The Veil

The Wanderer of the Elder Tribe meets us as we step onto the path of the Elder Tree Cycle and informs us of the thinning of the veils between realms. We are reminded of our need for balance and to find harmony between activity and stillness. Slowing down, and noticing the delicacy of our surroundings, will gently attune us to the subtle qualities of the shifting vibrations in the earth and atmosphere, as we move closer to Samhain.

The Wanderer of Elder's seat is in the East, the dwelling of the Spirits of Air. During this time of moving into early Autumn we are reminded that we are also keeping close company with the Spirits of Water. We are energetically traversing elemental and atmospheric boundaries, and our sensing fields will be in contact with those of the many Veils. The inner realms of inspiration and thought, of wisdom and feeling are in close contact with us. And at this time we will clearly see our futures open up to us, on the many paths before us. We have a choice to make, which path do we take? What future do we value more? How can we best provide for ourselves? During this time we are deeply sensitive and Intune, yet clear in our minds. Whatever path we choose to walk, we are at the start of the long journey through the twilight, that will lead us towards the night. The nuances of all paths are unseen. All paths offer us levels of fear, but only one path needs our bravery.

As Elder Wanderers we are eternally in contact with our inner youthfulness in being. This is not related to our physical capabilities, it is more a state of mind, of feeling, of imagination. By now we may have reached great age in ourselves, yet although we have amassed a breadth of experiences we still view our lives at times through the lens of childlike curiosity and wonder. We may even still dare to dream about what could be. The Wanderer of Elder supports us as we return, after a long journey that took us so far from ourselves, to the dusty old dwellings of our hearts. We will revisit memories but we must use decrement in choosing the memories we merge with. We will revisit old dreams, what we once envisioned for ourselves. We will re-experience these old aspirations of our soul and body with clarity and maybe urgency. For us now there is an emphasis on the passage of time.

We have a choice now, to decide upon the path that leads us somewhere new, somewhere we only dreamed of. Will we be brave enough to take it?

Journal prompt or something to contemplate:

To maintain balance during this intense cycle, it is supportive for us to practice grounding. There are many ways to do this and a simple google search will provide lots of inspiration. Grounding can be as easy as inviting a thought of 'grounded and aware presence'. It can be going for a walk, or sitting in nature for a while. It can be focusing intention on mundane tasks, this is called mindfulness, and could show up like making a cup of tea slowly, and pausing to sense into each part of the process. Grounding can be placing our bare feet on the ground and visualizing the earths energy being absorbed up through our body. Or involve attunment meditations, where we will tune into our body, and our surroundings. There are many options for grounding to consider. Grounding this cycle will be our strong anchor, to ourselves. Grounded and present awareness will ensure we don't become merged with fear.


Weaver of Elder

week 2


Passage of The Souls Journey

The Weaver of the Elder Tribe joins with us as we continue on our path and we welcome their mysterious company a while. The Weaver of Elder, like a mirror, reflects to us our souls Journey through this life. We are also reminded of our own inner weaver power, and that we do have the power to alter how our Souls Journey manifests as we continue on our path.

The Weaver of Elder's seat is in the South. the dwelling of the Spirits of Fire. The Weaver of Elder reminds us, that while we are occupied with the routines and repeated moments of everyday life, we should also be utilising the power of the waning sunrays, and taking any available opportunities to create a life that we will love. We can think of creating this life that we love as painting our masterpiece. When we think of our life in this way, it stops being a linear journey, with things that happen along the way of the path. Our life, instead, takes on the form of a whole landscape, through which we have explored extensively. And we can see now that we have a much larger painting, or a larger life, in a state of becoming. This painting embodies our whole souls journey in this life. Our painting thus far may have many landscapes, and large swathes of colour, it may have many scenes that have played out and many characters included. There may be parts of our canvas that are messy and make no sense, they may simply covey feeling. And there may be parts that are unfinished, because we are usure which direction to take them in. There will also be parts of our canvas that are bare, these are experiences that have not yet unfolded. The Weaver of Elder radiates the fire of life force and reminds us of the delicate balance between Fire and Water, between will and our emotions, and the power we hold to manifest our reality. The Weaver of Elder informs us that each stroke of our paint brush must be consciously done from now on. We need to pick our colours thoughtfully, and choose which area to bring to life. And decide which areas to leave now, to dry and cure, because they are finished.

As Elder Weavers, we will also honour the presences of The Grove and the Yew. Weaver energy moves in magical ways through Elder, and while we weave we will be encountering the coming Samhain. This is a very good time for us to cast out our crutches, and allow the decaying matter of their death to fall to the ground and become houmous. Expelling our negative and toxic energies, and regaining our balance is a priority for us. This will support us to feel stronger and more in control. The Grove, can be represented as a physical Grove or group of trees that we visit, or an inner realm landscape. Or can simply be, the feeling we go to when we turn inward and ground ourselves. These Groves are where we will find healing and regeneration and receive guidance, teachings and wisdom. We can think the Yew tree as the rest between realms, a guardian over life and death and the passage through which we travel to the other realms. The Grove and the Yew, offer us space for healing and rest and for transmutation of energy and perspective.

Journal prompt or something to contemplate:

Can we imagine for a moment the painting of our lives. When we think of our life as a painting what do we see? We notice where the main events are such as births, deaths, relationships. And we notice other significant experiences, like places we have lived and jobs we have had. Trauma we have experienced and times of joy we have felt are visible also. Sense into these areas but don't go to deep. Just notice. Notice the energetic qualities of these areas and the colours that decorate the scenes. Especially notice if there are incongruences in colours in relation to these life experiences. The colours will represent feelings and this practice will reveal experiences of life that were/are not in harmony. Decide of an area of this painting to work on. And be thoughtful and gentle in planning how to bring harmony into this space. Then try and facilitate this a little in everyday life.


Guide Of Elder

week 3


Passage of The Sensing Being

As we continue through the Elder Tree Cycle we encounter the Guide of the Elder Tribe. The Guide of the Elder Tribe knows that we have deep feelings as we approach the nexus of Samhain. The Guide of Elder also knows that we will be in attunment with the felt-senses of other beings, the animals, the ancestors and all the communities of the natural world around us.

The Guide of Elder's seat is in the West, the dwelling of the Spirits of Water. Our path is amplified by water over water during this time. The realms of intuition and feeling are heavily present and reminds us to be conscious of how we relate to those we are in close and intimate relationships with. We are sensitive to the energy fields of people we live with or interact with daily. We are also sensitive to the rhythms of nature, the energy of the elements, and to aliveness of the spirit of places. We need to focus on being grounded during this time. The presence of such an abundance of felt animation can be intense for the senses. We are tethered by a fine invisible thread of energy to all that we encounter and so it is necessary to anchor our roots deep in the rocky earth beneath, lest we might be swept away.

As Elder Guides we can inhabit the spaces in-between. Elder season can be a paradox. Chaos vs Calm. Think of the stillness, peace and contemplation we feel when we visit a cemetery. There is a silence there. This void of stillness is also present during Elder season. And we can settle into this void. From this perspective we will be in a position to mediate the relationships in our lives, while also allowing a part of our being to keep company to the spirit of otherness. We are capable of creating a balance, a harmony, simply by positioning ourselves in a grounded and centred position. We may notice around us calm or chaos as individual stories unfold and we can choose to remain outside those gestalts. We can be a voice of reason and an advocate for agency, by removing ourselves as the receiver of opposition. With a little attention to detail, a little focusing in here and there, we can facilitate smoother interactions, soften some or boost some, with a little directed energy.

Journal prompt or something to contemplate:

Where is it that we notice the cracks? Those almost unnoticeable wounds. Some say we need to crack for the light to come in. Some say from within the cracks life grows. This mindset, while supportive in some situations can also be unsupportive for others. Cracks, or wounds in a relationship, either within our own being, or in the connection between us and other people, either show something that needs mended, in order to become strong again, or reveals the onset of a much bigger problem that will deepen and become a chasm. Let us think of any cracks that we know of, and evaluate what type of crack this is, and how it needs to be tended.


Spirit Keeper of Elder

week 4


Passage Through Rebirth

At the end of the path The Spirit Keeper of Elder is there but not, is clear but hidden, is just beyond our touch but also by our side. We don't find the Spirit Keeper of Elder, they appear to us when they choose to be revealed. The Spirit Keeper of Elder meets us along our path when we are ready to receive wisdom or teachings. When we are inspired to study, to look beyond or hope to gain a new perspective.

The Spirit Keeper of Elder's seat is in the North, the dwelling of the Spirits of Earth. We are reminded that now is the time and this is the hour. The past nor the future really exists in the land of the Spirit Keepers. Everything exists here suspended in a single present moment. All lives that ever were, are or will be, all realms, and all thought and feeling are playing out, simultaneously. Our previous life experiences live within us as present and alive animations, fresh as the day they happened. The Spirit Keeper of Elder warns us of allowing these experiences to re-engage us. This does not mean live daily with their presence, but instead means, asking them what they need from us in order to settle, and be at peace. And then providing this for ourselves in this, our everyday physical life.

As Elder Spirit Keepers we have earned the right to be self-governing. What this may mean personally to us, or how this will show up for each of us will be different. We will need to look at the details of our everyday routines and isolate where and how we are loosing agency. During this season we will experience a cycle of birth, death and rebirth. Not a cycle that we are swept up into, where we have to go with the flow and hope for the best. But a cycle that we will actually choose and drive forward for ourselves. We are in position to pass fair judgement and be swift with implementing a change of course as we see appropriate. We can apply this strength of activated authority to areas of our life that we are responsible for and need to altar the course of direction.

Journal Prompts or things to contemplate:

There may be an area of our life that we need to facilitate an ending for. This ending needs to happen so that we can start a new cycle of rebirth. What does it feel like for us to take control of a situation? Do we feel safe, comfortable and competent in a position of power? Have we viewed ourselves as being lead, or being the leader of our life? Is there an area in our life we can take decisive action now to create a chosen outcome for ourselves later?


Please Read

Wanderer, Weaver Guide and Spirit Keeper are laid out into four weeks of guidance through each tree cycle. These four sections while acting as weekly guidance, can also be experienced in any iteration or as The Spirit Keeper of Elder would say "Everything exists here suspended in a single present moment". These weeks 1-4 are meant as a guideline only. We must trust in how the energies of the Elder Tree Cycle manifest for each of us individually along the path of the tree cycle.

Disclaimer: In my writing I use words and phrases like 'death' and 'death cycle' as well are suggesting the process of 'experiencing a death cycle'. These words and phrases are intended as metaphorical for 'endings'. This language is frequently used in the pagan spiritual communities. This language and phrases do not represent actual death in any way shape or form.

  • For further reading on the Elder tree cycle, please see blog post The Wild Wisdom of Elder, which focuses on Elder and the Council of Trees.

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