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Tree Whisper Waiting List & New YouTube Channel

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

Waiting List OPEN

Tree Whisper Oracle -

The Secret Garden Edition

Stepping into the Apple & Hazel tree cycles is a magical time, potent in spiritual and elemental energies with a raw magnetism for potential in manifesting our deepest desires. Are your wild senses tingling, can you feel the static in the air?

As I get closer to the print stage of Tree Whisper 2nd edition - The Secret Garden I feel a sense of anticipation for the birth of this project. The original Tree Whisper Oracle travelled farther than I could have ever imagined. The journey was wild and enchanting and created a living beauty that embodied each and every person who reached out to me.

I can only hope that this new journey of The Secret Garden Oracle will continue this magical journey for the Trees and their Spirits within. This new oracle deck will have 55 cards (including title card) and will be marked at £42 per deck plus postage. I like to use tracked postage to ensure the safety of the parcel and I will ship anywhere that accepts packages from Scotland (the UK).

To reserve your copy of The Secret Garden Oracle please email me at with 'The Secret Garden RESERVE' in the subject space. I will need your full postal address and PayPal details as well as how many decks you wish to reserve. I will progress to print when I have enough people to print this beautiful oracle deck and I will keep the waiting list open for as long as I can during Apple Hazel season. Once I receive your email I will save your details and respond to you with further information and the next step. This deck will not be pre-paid in advance but will be paid at time of postage. I look forward to hearing from you.

New YouTube Channel - Mags Black

My previous channel The Woodland Hag was a beautiful space to inhabit for many years and an experience which holds for me the memories of rich and sensuous experiences including those of meeting the wise and wild people that joined me as I ventured into the woods. For various reasons bitter and sweet this channel had to come to an end and this was the right thing to do. I ensured I didn't leave YouTube alone and took as many of you with me over to this new platform as I could.

I have opened up a new channel which I hope will be a fresh and new start. A new journey. And I invite you to connect with me there. I will be sharing my oracle decks on the new channel but my channel will not include the same content as previously. I will not be sharing oracle and tarot deck reviews. I also will not be sharing in depth my own personal spiritual journey as I have a need to maintain my own privacy. I also will not be recording walking the woodlands as I did before, at this stage as I do not have my own recording device. Gosh, why bother watching I hear myself think, and if I'm thinking it then maybe you are.

Well, I hope that this channel will embody a peaceful space. A space for enriching discussion topics around Spirituality and Rewilding. Exploring the thought provoking key meanings and symbolism around the seasons changes and of the tree cycles. A space with a relational depth and integrity, and a focus on the reflection of self awareness and concepts within Person-Centred psychotherapy. I hope to keep my videos short at around 20 minutes or so. And i will be borrowing a recording device and so will be limited to how often I upload.

The beginning of a journey is often the most rich. In the beginning our senses are heightened because everything is new and fresh and so each moment is filled with energy and intentional interaction. We are fully aware and awake in the present moment. I anticipate this new channel to grow in richness slowly over time. And I invite you to meet me there.

Yours in the heart of the woodlands.

Mags Black.

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