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Tree Whisper Oracles Pre-Order OPEN | SOLD OUT

Updated: Jun 9

Joyful June 2024

Summer Pre-Orders are Open!


Greetings Dear Tree Spirit Companions,

I am so, so excited to try something new for June's pre-order. I would like open the pre-orders for all three Tree Whisper Oracles. I have never tried this before. The poll I ran in April has shared with me that all three oracles are needed almost in equal measure. And I hear from many of you, that you needed two, or even all three editions. Usually I would run a pre-order for a single edition at a time. But I would like to try and support as many of you as I can to save on postage, from multiple orders. And I feel I need to also grow in the spirit of energy of abundance that is present around the oracles at this moment in time. I am opening June's pre-order, in late May, to keep it open for a week or so. Before I proceed to production. So the bulk of the pre-order will run through June.

This year is so important on a cosmic level for all of us. Something very mysterious is happening for us all on a higher frequency level and I would love to, in some small way, support your journey through the vehicle of tree spirit connections.

So for June I would like to offer all three oracles. Conditions apply however, as with usual pre-order criteria, I will only move forward with each oracle if each oracle individually reaches my minimum batch requirement to go to print. I hope this effort will please those of you looking for more than one edition. But if any edition does not reach the required batch, I will have no choice but to pull it from the pre-order. And this may cause some disappointment to those of you hoping to secure certain editions. This would of course occur before transfer of funds. But I thought to offer the option. Just in case it will work for us all. And if it does, imagine how amazing that will be.


Galleries & Portal Links

Please look on social media for more shares from other socials. And Look on my YouTube channel Mags Black @treewhisperoracle for additional Shorts.

Tree Whisper Oracle - Original - £55


Tree Whisper Oracle - The Secret Garden - £55


Tree Whisper Oracle - Dream Travellers - £55



PRE-ORDER Instructions and POSTAL Information -

The oracle is available on pre-order only. This means that I will collect from you the total funds (oracle deck and the postage) through PayPal before you receive your product. Once I have collected funds from my 'pre-order group', I will then order the oracle batch from my printer. There will be a delay in you receiving your oracle while they are being printed and despatched to me (I personally fulfil orders). The oracles will then be delivered to me, and I will prepare and package them, I will then despatch them to their new homes and upload tracking numbers to PayPal. I will post oracles on different days, so not everyone will get notified of tracking at the same time.

This whole process may take up to a month (maybe a little more or less). You will receive email updates on your order progress all along the way in 'Round Robin' emails (usually around 4 of them). I love to keep in touch with my tree spirit guardians. Please allow for delays. I will update you on any delays that may occur.


Tree Housekeeping

T&C Notices Please Read and Agree - 

Notice: Please do not place a 'pre-order promise' unless you are 100% sure you are going to fulfil the order with payment and you have the funds ready now. Thank you.

Notice: Please understand, if you do not pay the PayPal request for funds I will take you off my pre-order group. You have 24 hours to fulfil payment from when I send you the PayPal request (unless otherwise arranged with me). Please ensure you check your emails. Thank you.

Notice: Please also be aware that once your order is in process and is paid for, I can not accept cancelations, refunds or returns. Thank you.

Notice: I will provide current postage costs from Royal Mail relative to weight. If however the weights/postages vary, I will make additional requests for this. Thank you.

Notice: Please check all galleries and links to view all of the photos, videos and information on the oracles. Thank you.

Notice: I don't accept returns based on 'the artwork is disapproved of', for whatever reason. I provide many options for the understanding and observation of Tree Whisper Oracle imagery and animistic nature. Thank you.

Notice: Please be aware that I will only print oracles if I have enough customers to fulfil the batch number. No payments will be requested by me until I have confirmed with you through email, in Round Robin Email 1, that I have fulfilled my requirement for the print run and am proceeding to PayPal. Thank you.

Notice: Please understand that I can't be responsible for damage to the parcel during transit. Parcels may endure a bumpy ride. I do use extra padding around the tuck boxes and use padded envelopes. I appreciate that people like to have a perfect tuck box, but the tuck box generally is for more protection for the cards. Thank you.

Notice: Please be aware, the postal address I put on the parcel is the address you provide me through your Pre-Order Promise Email. You will however receive your tracking number through PayPal. Please don't panic that your tracking number is connected to your PayPal postal address (if it is different on there). The address that is entered into tracking at the Post Office is the address on the parcel that you provide through email. Thank you.

Notice: These oracle will not sold for wholesale or for resale purposes. Maximum 3 oracles per-person. Thank you.

Notice: Parcels sent overseas may incur extra charges entering your country, I am not liable for any additional costs (tax/vat/duty/etc) once the parcel has left my care.

Notice: I reserve the right to refuse the sale of oracles/cancel or refund orders. Thank you.


Tracked Postal Costs

(postal prices are for one oracle, multiple oracles will cost more postage)


  • Zone 1 (Includes Canada) - £19.70

  • Zone 2 (Includes Australia, New Zealand) - £21.80

  • Zone 3 (Includes USA) - £21.85

  • UK - £8.95


  • Zone 1 - £13.35

(Includes Germany)

  • Zone 2 - £13.70

(Includes Sweden, Netherlands and Italy)

  • Zone 3 - £15.00

(Includes Turkey, Norway and Switzerland)

If you would like to pre-order a Tree Whisper Oracle or oracles, please follow these steps -

  1. Email me at

  2. Subject the email 'June Tree Whisper Pre-order'.

  3. Please include in the email the oracle quantity/edition, you need.

  4. Please include your name/address/postal/zip code and your PayPal email.

  5. Say that you have read the T&C notice's and agree to them all.

  6. Say that this is your 'Pre-Order Promise and you are PayPal Ready.

I will respond to your first email within a couple of days with an email that says I have received your 'Pre-Order Promise' and then when I reach my baseline for the batch production, I will send you a Round Robin email no.1 for 'Target Reached - PayPal Ready'.


We are...

Journeying through mysterious times my friends. For all of us, this translates into a very personal and intimate unfolding of our inner spirit in this life, of felt-sensing experiences, of aliveness in each day we live on our beautiful Earth, an of an un-folding of the 'folds of light'. We are all experiencing something very unique and very beautiful. I hope that Tree Whisper Oracles enhance your journey a little of the way.

I look forward to connecting with you. I wish you all earthy, rooty and leafy blessings.

Yours always in the heart of the woodlands.

Mags Black.

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