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Tree Whisper Oracle - The Secret Garden 2nd Edition Printing PRE-ORDER

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

Due to popular interest I am hoping to offer another print run as PRE-ORDER only.

Dear Tree Spirit Kin,

Many people have been reaching out to me in recent months, in the hope that they can have the opportunity to become guardians of a Tree Wisper Oracle 2nd edition The Secret Garden. I had been planning to make the oracle available on a popular print-on-demand website. However through careful consideration I decided this was not the right pathway for the Tree Whispers of the oracle. And so I have decided to consider offering another print run through the printing company I have used to produce these earthy nature gems. The richness in quality from my printer is unmatched in the luxury of the cards and the care and attention to the project itself.

Below are images of the cards and the embodiment of the Tree Spirit potent essences. Please view the gallery below and explore the links for pathways through my website for further information.

As you all may be aware by now I am currently working on my tarot deck illustrations and companion book for Tarot of the Tree Whisperers and so I am unsure how many more times I can offer this oracle deck through this pathway. Please see below for Pre-Order instructions.

Oracle Deck Price: £45 - PLUS TRACKED POSTAGE from the UK through
All prices will be outlined in initial email round-robin for pre-order customers. Tracked postage in the UK is classed as Special Delivery and is a next day delivery service. Please also be aware that once your order is process and payed for I cant accept cancelations or refunds.

PRE-ORDER Instructions

The oracle is available on pre-order only. This means that in the first instance I will collect the total funds for the oracle deck and the postage through PayPal. I will then order the oracles from my printer. There will be a delay in you receiving your oracle while they are being printed, and then shipped on to me, before I despatch them to their new homes. This process may take a few weeks but you will receive email updates of your order progress all along the way.

Notice: Please do not place a pre-order request unless you are 100% sure you are going to fulfil the order with payment and you have the funds ready. Bellow is an OLD postage price list which will give you an APPROXIMATE idea of what your postage will cost. Prices have changed a little but not much. You will receive an accurate price if you decide to pre-order the oracle deck.
  • UK Royal Mail Special Delivery - £7.65

  • Canada - World Zone 1 - £16.35

  • World Zone 1 generally covers countries in North America (excluding the USA), South America, Africa, the Middle East, the Far East and South East Asia.

  • World Zone 2 - Australia, New Zealand, Singapore - £18.55

  • World Zone 3 - USA - £18.10

  • Europe - £11.70


  1. Email me an email to

  2. Subject the email The Secret Garden PRE-ORDER.

  3. Send in the email your FULL postal address/country/state and postal/zip code.

  4. Send in the email your PayPal email address.

  5. Specify in the email how many decks you would like to order (as this will determine your postage value).

Please be aware that I will only print another run of decks if I have enough customers to fulfil the batch. No payments will be requested by me until I have confirmed with you that I have fulfilled my requirement for the print run.

Thank you so much for all of the lovely emails I have received from you all for The Secret Garden Oracle Decks. They have touched my spirit and warmed my heart. I hope that I can once again offer this opportunity for you all to finally have your own oracles and work with the healing energy of the Tree Spirits.

Yours in the heart of the woodlands.

Mags Black.

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