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The Secret Garden Oracle - Limited Stock Available

Hello Tree Friends

There is an enchanted realm only a breath away. Where the tree spirits whisper gently and the faeries play. Step inside the gardens of your wild self and let your imagination roam free. Magic is all around you potent and willing. Open your heart and you will see.

I am delighted to share that I have some oracles in stock for a short time only. If you are interested in taking a journey with the Tree Spirits of The Secret Garden Oracle please email me at for further information.

The deck includes 55 cards with photography of tree spirits. They are 350gsm Zanta Games Board with mat lamination. Tall Tarot (89 x 146mm) with 5mm radius corners. They come in a tuck box and personally packaged.

All image copyright belongs to me. I shot every photograph with a Ricoh GR3 fixed lens point and shoot digital camera.

The Secret Garden Oracle cards are shamanic in nature. Supporting the wanderer, weaver, guide and spirit keepers of our tribes in mediating the realms of, and in between spirit and life. The Tree Spirits embodied are living and existing in the physical realm while also allowing their spiritual essence to be captured by the camera. Allowing them to lift their energetic roots and journey farther than previously possible. They seek touch and reciprocity in connection, with other sensing beings, with living 'otherness'.

These cards support and enhance relationships. Interconnections with the living land and the wild elements. Reciprocal sensing within all of nature's kin, her feathered and scaled , her cloven hoofed and fur coated. And a relational depth with other humans, and most importantly with our own selves.

We step inside this secret place. A magical garden of our mind, body and spirit, here we connect with the spirits of nature. Living beings of the wild places and the subtle borderless energies that assume form in this wind and folds of light. Animals and elementals, plants and trees, rivers and mountains, the allness of everything. They notice us noticing them. The sensing being of others, senses the being of our otherness.

These cards are a gateway into a realm of experiencing magic through the body in which we are blessed to live from within. May we take a gentle walk into the secret garden, where we are free to wonder and play. May we step through the gateway into the realm of the Fae and the Kingdom of Trees. This is for the wanderer to discover, the weaver to foster, the guide to companion and the spirit keeper to become one with.

Your in the heart of the woodlands.

Mags Black.

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Beautifully created and enchanting!

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