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The Secret Garden Oracle Companion Guidebook Plans

A New Season of Growth Begins.

Hello Tree Friends.

I am now beginning my work on the guidebook for The Secret Garden Oracle. Up until now I was never sure if this was something I wanted to do, or indeed was necessary at all for the use of the deck as a tool for divination. The original Tree Whisper Oracle which is now out of print was never released with any such information. This oracle was intended solely for the intuitive wanderer to create their own sensuous dialect with the spirits of the cards. These cards flew from the woodland, through me, into the hands of the Others. Other sensing beings. From within the cards whispered gently the voices of the Tree Spirits straight into the sensing being of the new wanderer that held them. Such was the potency of the Tree Whisper Oracle. Pungent in woodland essences, raw in rare magics. Musical in the voices of the Trees. Those secrets known only between the trees and their devoted companion.

Tree Whisper Oracle 2nd Ed. The Secret Garden

The second edition of the Tree Whisper Oracle, The Secret Garden, while also embodying those curious beings of nature, those raw magics and pungent essences, are confidently intentional in their travelling of this world. They are something like the next generation. Just as George Mallory explored those first accents of Everest, pathing the way for others that would adopt that dream, feel that wild inspiration and follow in those bootsteps of a man that journeyed into the unknown.

These nature spirits of The Secret Garden Oracle cards are something like those enlightened visionaries that would follow George Mallory. These spirits waited and watched as their kin made that fist epic accent, lifting their energetic roots out of the earth of the woodlands and the wild places. Explorers, adventurers and wanderers. They then lifted their roots to follow. The original travellers of the whispering trees were fixed in the stillness of autumn and winter, seemingly suspended beneath the setting sun, in the twilight of life. The spirits of The Secret Garden are enlivened within the restless vibrations of spring and summer, held within the element of air, their minds are sharp, curious and enquiring. It is to the voices of these alchemists of creativity and change that I wish to speak to.

I wish to illustrate the generation of the whispering trees, not in chronological age but through the cycle of the seasons. Each season brings for the life of the trees and our experiences in communicating with them, unique textures of being and qualities of felt-sensing. The most ancient tree in the wood, if it has only one leaf to show in spring, will sing to that song of life as powerfully as their younger offspring. There is a collective experience for trees through seasons. I have found wintering trees to be awake and observing while in their rest. While summering trees to be distracted in the joy of business. Of course there are individuals who make themselves known out with the general rhythm and flow. They dance to the beat of their own drum.

Held within each card of the Tree Whisper Oracles are many nature spirits. There appears to be a central figure, a being in the main body of the card. This being is often the intentional journeying Tree Spirit, the wisdom keeper of the card. However their are many others present, curious, noticing, inquiring with their gentle whispers. I will be writing to the voice of the most conscious instruction of each central Tree Spirit cards in alignment with the key word. I will translate into my own language and knowing, the messages that are offered to me through my felt-senses, through instinct and intuition. As I weave and un-weave these enchanted threads, I will channel through my senses these gems of wisdom and the secrets of the Trees. Language is limiting. So let us begin with a feeling. A journey begins now. And there is beauty in the discovery of a new path to walk.

As the trees move in cycles of seasons irrespective of their age, as do we move through cycles of rest and rejuvenation. However old we are chronologically, our bodies showing the wear and scars of our lives. Held in the moment of a beginning of something, within forming newness. There is a promise of a becoming of something wonderful. We are once again enthralled in the raptures of youth. I look about myself now and sense my body, my surroundings, those around me. everything that is me and my life right now. Just for a moment. Because I know when this journey is complete, all, will be much changed.

Yours in the heart of the woodlands.


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