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The Secret Garden

Tree Whisper Oracle 2nd Edition

Hello Everyone,

Welcome back into this magical journey of the Tree Whisper Oracle. I have a few little updates for you that you might be interested in.

I have been working very hard creating the deeply magical 2nd edition of the enchanted Tree Whisper Oracle. I have been out visiting ancient and secret woodlands and sharing with the trees the creation of this unique and spiritual oracle deck. I have invited the spirits of nature to be a part of this project and to allow me to capture the essences of their spirits.

This oracle is created with the outstanding Ricoh GRIII digital camera, and with the GR's deep moody colours and the ability to capture exquisite detail, this oracle is saturated with a depth of magic never seen before. Due to the new camera, the images will be a different dimension than previously and will come inline with a more traditional oracle deck size which will allow for a fuller and whole image capture.

This new and mysterious oracle with be called The Secret Garden edition and will open to the seeker the gateway into the secret wooded and walled gardens of the nature spirits. Due to the larger cards and the higher card quantity (over 50 images) included in this deck, the deck itself will be at a slightly higher price point to accommodate the incurred cost of production. The deck will be cared for and presented in the same way as the original Tree Whisper Oracle that was released in2020, with each parcel illustrated with its very own tree spirit guardian ensuring the safe and swift travel to their new homes. And with the very same silk mat card stock this oracle will be a sensuous pleasure to behold. I intend to open the waiting list very soon and I will keep it open for a good bit of time to avoid the disappointment of missed opportunities.

I envisage I will finalise the images this June, with production taking place in July. This Secret Garden edition of Tree Whisper will be a very unique and stand alone oracle in it's own right. The theme of this oracle is spring and summer and will reflect this with saturated, rich and deep greens with filtered sunlight and shade. With mosses and ivy featuring among bluebell laden woodlands and cool and shady walled gardens. We will meet all kinds of nature spirits including dragons and faeries, trolls and spirit animals including bears and the guardians of the woodlands themselves the deer.

Take a walk with me into the secret gardens of nature spirits and let our imaginations guide us through the beauty of our senses.

Yours in the heart of the woodland.

Mags Black.

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