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Updated: Mar 28, 2023

There is something in the energy of 'reset' that awakens gentle places within our body, enlivening our senses, encouraging a slow unfolding off, a new becoming into a something clear and bright. Something that can not be held onto or possessed. Something so delicate and tender within us. Newly received. From a reset.

Having wandered through a space of time that held no form, no structure, a space that was living and breathing. I the companion to myself as I travelled this path. Battered and soothed by natures force, by the spiritual weather. I look now, to begin again on the familiar path of Tree Spirit, a homecoming, as I return to my companions of the wood. To the wood it's self and the forest within.


Let us think about what this means. To be swept up in this living being called life. The entity we breathe within, we swell and shrink into her contractions. She is birthing us. In all of the expressions of birth as we understand it. Agony. Violence. Pain. There are times when we need to go with the flow of our animations. And those of others. We may wonder 'When', when will there be a return to the familiar, the known, the usual.

In truth, we absolutely never return to the known. We are changed. Each time we meet ourselves, we are changed. We bring back home our worn body to rest, find a warm place to settle and release. We let all of that newness of experience within us, scars, joys, wisdoms, all is welcome in this old home. Home.

Hello friends,

I will be returning to my blog, my old home, this place many of us call sacred. I return with much to share with you all, with stories to tell and magic to cast out and in all the richest of ways.

Join me friends. Thank you for your patience while my soul journeyed through living. let us seek the Tree Spirits and dance once again in the groves of the wise ones.

With all the love I feel in my body, I hold you there too.

Yours in the heart of the woodlands.

Mags Black.

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