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Tree Whisper Oracles | POLL

Hello Tree Spirit Companions.

I am running a poll to see which Tree Whisper Oracles are currently needed. I recently released Dream Travellers and I am aware that there are a few folk who missed the pre-order. I have said I would hope to run another pre-order for this edition soon if there are enough need for this one. However I am also aware that the other oracles, the original (2nd printing) and The Secret Garden 2nd edition. This poll while does not indicate actual pre-orders, will give me an idea of whether or not to run another pre-order, for either of the three oracles, I will show me which oracle is needed most.

Please check also, check all of these links I have below first, to view all of the oracles through photos and videos and please read the information of my artwork style so you are fully aware of what Tree Whisper Oracles are, and what they are not. Please also see the linked blog posts 'Facets of Communicate' to further understand the nature of Tree Whisper Oracles.

Thank you so much for considering Tree Whisper Oracles.

Yours in the woodlands and wild places.

With gratitude,



Left to right: Dream Travellers, Original, The Secret Garden


I invite you take a moment to view these portals.

Here you will find all three editions including specifications, more photos and YouTube Shorts and information on my artwork style.

YouTube Short | Fort Augustus, North East Scotland.

YouTube Short | Secret Woodland, Easter Ross North Scotland.

YouTube Short | Fort Augustus, North East Scotland.

Sharing the poll availability.


Please check all that apply.

What Tree Whisper Oracles are needed for the next pre-order?

  • Dream Travellers Oracle

  • Original Tree Whisper Oracle

  • The Secret Garden Oracle


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