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Tree Whisper Oracle - Original Reprint Pre-Order

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Dear Tree Spirit Companions,

Recent poll results indicated great interest in a reprint of the Tree Whisper Oracle original edition. I did not think it would be possible to bring back the tree spirits of the original Tree Whisper Oracle. And so they have been resting, in my mind, in their earthy underground mysterious forest, all this time. I was so deeply moved and encouraged to find a way to invite back the tree spirits of the original deck. I spoke with my trusted printer, a local England based company, and they were able to recreate the integrity of the original deck. They created a custom template to accommodate the oracles unique size and shape. I has a sample deck sent out to me to make sure. I was completely in awe with the new oracle. I couldn't be more delighted and I am very excited to share this new printing.

To my eye, the old and the new version look almost identical, however, the new oracle has slightly richer colour in parts (for instance deeper blues), and slightly denser white tones. I have noticed some crisper details in parts. I want to say the old oracle had an overall pink tone, where as the new one has an overall cream tone, to my eye. But it is all very subtle. The new card stock is different from the old version, it is the same gorgeous stock as The Secret Garden Oracle, firm, but flexible, with matt lamination. Very rich and lovely to hold in the hand and easy to shuffle with a lovely 'snap' sound, which I love. There is a feeling of freshness in the new images of these wise and gentle spirits, as if an aliveness has been breathed into them once again. I feel a sense of stirring in earthy rooty energies, an anticipation of movement and a readying of beingness. I myself will be working with my new reprinted Tree Whisper Oracle deck, tucking up my old deck, cosy for a rest.




Please see below for Product Details, Pre-Order instructions and Postal information.


Tree Whisper Oracle deck price: £55 (Pre-Order Price ONLY) - Plus TRACKED POSTAGE from Scotland in the UK to worldwide, through Royal Mail.

You are paying for -

Tree Whisper Oracle Original Autumn Winter Edition

48 Oracle Cards of Tree Spirits and 1 Title card (49 pieces in total).

Approximately 67 x 140mm with straight corners.

350gsm Zanta Games Board.

No Tuck Box

PRE-ORDER Instructions and POSTAL Information

The oracle is available on pre-order only. This means that I will collect from you the total funds (oracle deck and the postage) through PayPal before you receive your product. Once I have collected from my pre-order group, I will then order the oracle batch from my printer. There will be a delay in you receiving your oracle while they are being printed. The oracles will then be delivered to me, and I will prepare and package them, I will then despatch them to their new homes with tracking details sent via PayPal. I will post oracles on different days, so not everyone will get notified of tracking at the same time.

This whole process may take up to a month (but usually less). You will receive email updates on your order progress all along the way in 'Round Robin' emails. I love to keep in touch with my tree spirit guardians. Please allow for delays. I will update you on any delays also.

NOTE: Please do not place a pre-order promise unless you are 100% sure you are going to fulfil the order with payment and you have the FUNDS READY now. Thank you.

NOTE: Please also be aware that once your order is in process and is paid for, I can not accept cancelations, refunds or returns. Thank you.

NOTE: Please be aware that I will only print oracles if I have enough customers to fulfil the batch. No payments will be requested by me until I have confirmed with you through email, in Round Robin Email #1, that I have fulfilled my requirement for the print run and am proceeding to PayPal. Thank you.

Postal Information

UK - (Royal Mail Special Delivery) £7.65

World Zone 1 - (includes Canada) £15.85

World Zone 2 - (Includes Australia, New Zealand and Singapore) £18.05

World Zone 3 - (USA) £18.10

Europe -

Zone 1 £11.15

Includes France and Germany

Zone 2 £11.20

Includes Sweden and Italy

Zone 3 £11.60

Includes Turkey and Switzerland



Email me at

Subject the email Tree Whisper Oracle Reprint PRE-ORDER.

Contain in the email your FULL postal address (country/state and postal/zip code) and your PayPal email address.

Specify in the email how many decks you would like to order (multiple decks will cost extra postage).

Say in the email body that this is your Pre-Order Promise and you are PayPal Ready.

I will respond to your first email with a receipt of 'Pre-Order Promise' and when I hit my target for batch production, I will send you a Round Robin #1 Target Reached - PayPal Ready email.

I will respond to emails after 3pm Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday. All other days I am more flexible. I typically respond to emails within an hour but please allow up to 24 hours (for time zones and personal circumstances).


Thank you so much to everyone who voted in my poll and who also emailed me with their preferred choice of oracle deck. I was so moved to know how cherished the Tree Whisper Oracles are by so many people, and especially, the fondness for Tree Whisper Oracle original edition. I look forward to connecting with you. Peaceful earthy blessings.

Yours in the heart of the woodlands.

Mags Black.

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