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Tarot of the Tree Whisperer - New Deck Creation

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Blessings Tree Kin.

Let us walk a while, I have some news.

As we wander through the woodland of our lives, we occasionally stumble across the overgrown gateways of our unexplored dreams. Pathways winding deeply into our imaginations, waiting for us to join with them, breathing new life into their form and expression. When we encounter one of these old gateways it is as though we are roused from our long sleep. We try to recall that which was once known, understood and alive within us. These pathways whisper to us in language animated with wild shapes, feelings and colours. We soften our gaze upon them, pause for a moment, sensing into their unknown destination yet familiar company . We lean into their aura. Breathing deeply for a moment, drawing into our being their subtle perfumes. Something within us awakens. Our eyes brighten. We feel a stirring within our body, a recognition of that which is beyond. Something within us needs to be with that otherness, that aliveness. We step through the gateway and greet the earth under our feet. The adventure begins.

Spring is blooming here in the north of Scotland. We will soon be transitioning our of Hawthorn and into the Oak Tree Moon Cycle where our dreams and desires will take root and become fixed. For some time now I have been noticing a very old gateway appearing to me from the deepest parts of my inner woodland. I have softened my gaze upon the path beyond the gateway and I have felt that familiar gravity pull on the fibres of my being. I have been musing once again on the creation of my own tarot deck. If I am honest I have had plans to create my own tarot for around 10 years now, initially creating around 10 acrylic paintings illustrating's the tarots majors and courts. A project I dropped after I become a mother to my second child. Creating my own tarot deck has always been a dream of mine. To give form to my inner realm through the familiar landscape of the tarot. A dream that I have often revisited without any formed or fixed ideas. A gateway leading onto a path I was not ready to take. Until now.

I have recently been working on an idea. Developing the gently forming of a something deep within my being. Letting this something grow into a rich texture, exploring it's own newness, its own first breath of life. Tarot of the Tree Whisperer, moves now beyond thread, finger and needle. Delicately woven are the fibres of this tapestry, sweetened with subtle nuances, the tastes and scents, the sounds and sights of my visions. I have now decided on the complete structure of my tarot which of course will carry the themes of nature, magic, and of tree spirit. Interwoven will be the moon cycles of the tree calendar. And yes, this will be the divination deck that will accompany the book I have been developing over the last year on my theory of the enhanced Celtic tree calendar and The Council of Trees.

I plan to illustrate the card images myself. While I don't consider myself a trained artist I do have some experience using acrylic paints, pens and pencils, in painting, sketching and doodling. I hope that my rustic artistic skill will only add a little charm and grace to raw spirit of my creation. I want to relate a fresh, fast and loose style of artwork, something that breathes life force into the images and beings of the tarot. The artwork will likely be mixed media and a mixture of styles that flow together. I hope to begin the artwork very soon. As I walk this path deeper into the woodland, meeting it's twists and turns, I will journey to meet the folk of the trees and the characters of my tarot. And as the project progresses I will release more details of these characters, the nature of the courts, the realms of the majors and the lives of the minors.

I hope that you will join me for the journey of the creation of this project.

Yours in the heart of the woodlands.

Mags Black.

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This is music to my ears Mags! So exciting for you and for us. I adore your artwork and look forward to watching this project unfurl. x


Very exciting Mags😍looking forward to this exciting journey ! Sunshine Dawn

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