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Presenting The Secret Garden Oracle by Mags Black

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

They are finally here.

The Tree Spirits have come to us once again, allowing us to see their delicate essences through the magical photography of Mags Black.

Never in my life have I felt so deeply charmed by natures magics as I have been since meeting the tree spirits of the woodlands and wild places through the creation of the Tree Whisper Oracle. This inspiring and wonder filled journey of discovering these gentle beings of nature and capturing them in still images for the Tree Whisper Oracles has awoken in me a natural sensing of the felt vibrations of natures spirits. Beings that are not only to be found in fairy tales, wisps of imagination or fantasy. For they are as real as you and I, and they are everywhere you look. You have only to simply walk slowly listen softly.

For any enquiries about my new oracle deck please email me at as my pre-order batch are sold out however I will be ordering more oracle soon. I will also now be able to consider batch sales for little magical shops, when in the past I have had to decline such offers. If you are interested in stocking my oracle deck please email me at

I want to share a big thank you to all of you beautiful and inspiring souls who have supported and encouraged me in bringing this oracle through the birth. This was a long and challenging spiritual labour with many challenges. I couldn't have done it without you all. We are one tribe. For more images of The Secret Garden visit my Gallery

Your in the heart of the Woodlands.

Mags Black.

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