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New Tree Whisper Oracle Forum

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Hello Tree Whisper Companions,

I realised that it was important for me to try and create a community here at the website. And this is the place where I really want to be spending my own time and hanging out. It is important for me also to pull all my threads in and knot them. I would like to avoid dilution of energy and focus on creating a concentration of spirit in one place.

I am delighted to share the news of the new Tree Whisper Oracle Companions Forum, right here at the home of the whispering trees. The forum is in the very early stages of development and I hope to continue working on making the forum a rich and sacred space to explore the Tree Whisper Oracles and other topics such as Divination and Spirituality. I am currently working on adding more sections. But my aim is to create a space that by nature is animistic. I know that there is a lot I want to explore and share myself. And the forum feels more intimate and relaxed than the blog. The forum for me feels like a hot chocolate by the camp fire with friends, sharing our folktales and adventures with one another.

Current site subscribers will need to become a site member and login to be able to comment and post in the forum. Becoming a member is free. All you do is go to the website and in the top right corner there is a Login icon that you click on. Then you will be offered login options. If you are already a site member you will have access to the forum now. I will be sending invites to those of you who are already members. I am also using Wix Spaces App on my mobile phone to access the forum.

You can also upload photos to the forum from a mobile phone. So in this way it is easy to share special moments with an image, just like other social media platforms. This app makes connection into the forum even easier than using a laptop or PC. I would love for this forum to be a place of connection and discussion. I hope to hang around there myself often sharing my musings and photos.

Facebook Group.

I decided to close the Facebook Group. I intended to keep it open for a month or so and see if there was much interest in connecting in this space. I have never used Facebook as a platform and personally felt no interest to post there myself. I thought that if group members enjoyed the space and it was useful and active I would leave it open. But it was very quiet. I know that there were a couple of people that did post there and so I hope that they will try out the new forum out with me.

I hope to meet you in the forest of the forum.

Yours in the heart of the woodlands,

Mags Black.

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